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Yoga Dance Meditation

Yoga, Dance, and  Meditation are  Key formulas to live a well-balanced LIFE. I don’t approach it as a skill to master but as a tool to harmonize and bring balance to our life.  Give it a try as it is better to show than tell 🙂 

My Courses

Yoga for Life-Balance

Training Time:  Wednesday:  20:15 – 21:15  Thursday:  19:15 -20:15

This course is specially crafted for the people who are missing their Life-Balance because of their busy daily routines or activities. I don’t teach yoga as a skill to master all the advanced poses available in the World. But,  I use it as a tool to harmonize our LIFE and bring perfect Balance to continue activities with more joy and in a meaningful way!  Give a free trial and you will be happy about it 🙂 

Hip-Hop Beginner

Training Time: Thursday: 18:00 – 19:00

Dancing is Joy and anybody can Dance!  Expressing ourselves with confidence, Finding our Individuality and Exploring Freedom are the three main goals of this Hip-Hop Course.

My goal as a trainer to make you achieve the above goals and also enjoy each step along the way! 

Book your Free Trial now as Dance cannot be explained in words! Its time to dance and experience it through your Mind, Body and Soul!


PERSONAL Yoga Training

Personal Training is structured and organized based on Individual requests.  It is best for the people who needs classes on flexible time, customized plan and progress tracking, training alone in spacious environment or with family and friends only!  

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30 Per Month

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